Artist & animator

Pixel sprite$45
Half body$65
Full body$80

Additional Fees 
+1 extra character70% of the base price
Retro anime style (80s-90s)+$10
Design complexity+$25


Abel is an Afro-Latino and trans artist. They studied animation and earned a Bachelors in Fine Arts. Their passions are creating / designing characters, animating and drawing fan art. They also enjoy things like crocheting, cooking, and playing video games!



Frequently Asked Questions

• Art Programs Used: Procreate and Clip Studio Paint EX
• Tools used: iPad Pro 2018 + Apple Pencil (2nd Gen), PC + Huion Kamvas 22
• Brushes used for Procreate: MaxPacks Brush Sets,
Abel Essentials 1 + 2.0, some default brushes
• Brushes used for Clip Studio: Default Brushes, CritterValley nearly Binary Brush, some brushes + patterns from the assets store
• Programs used for animation: Clip Studio Paint EX for animating on PC
or Rough Animator on the iPad, Sony Vegas 15 or CapCut for editing

Terms of Service

By commissioning me, you agree to the terms below.
If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message!
• I work on commissions whenever I have the time.
I do have a day job that I work most of the week!
• I answer any messages/inquiries whenever I can.
• You can purchase a commission for others.
• I have a right to decline a commission without giving a reason.
• I am willing to take commissions like art for your stream,
twitter banners, desktop backgrounds etc. Prices will vary for these.
• I reserve the right to post your commissioned pieces on my social media accounts or use in portfolio.
• I will not start until I receive payment.
• Payments are in USD.
• I accept PayPal, Venmo, Stripe, Ko-fi and Cash app as payment options.
• If I have started on your commission, I DO NOT allow refunds.
• I DO NOT allow refunds unless I am unable to work on it.
• Commissions are for PERSONAL USE ONLY unless we had a discussion beforehand (like using it for streams or promotional materials).
• Usage for things like icons, headers, side image, etc. are fine.
• You may print your commissioned piece (ex. for yourself or as a gift.)
• You may NOT use it for commercial use (ex. business cards, merch, etc)
unless we have spoken about and came into an agreement.
• You may NOT claim it as your own artwork. Put credit where it's due.
• You may NOT use any of my work as NFTs.
• Once payment is sent, I will begin on your commission.
• I will send a work in progress when the sketch is done.
• This is the stage where you will ask me for any changes, if needed.
• I will send more works in progress if I need more clarification.
• Once you approve the sketch, I will continue and finish the commission.
• Any big changes after the sketch stage will result in a +$5 charge for each change.
• You are allowed to gift adoptables/designs to someone else.
• You are allowed to change any aspect of the design.
• You must credit me as the designer.
• If you resell the adoptable/design, please do not resell for a higher price
than what it was originally bought for (unless there is extra art added to it).
• People (real life and fictional)
• Furry
• Feral Animals (depends)
• Fan art
• Candy Gore, Gore (depends)
• Robots (not mecha)
• Suggestive / nudity
• Mecha
• Explicit NSFW